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Outbound Mobility



1. What is Study Abroad / Exchange Programme?
Student Exchange / Study Abroad Programme will allow you to spend one or two semesters at universities abroad and take courses in a regular semester with a credit transfer opportunity. Students are encouraged to study at USM’s partner universities to all over the world.

2. What are differences between Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programme?

Most students who choose to undertake a Student Exchange Programme will do so on an exchange-basis, i.e. students study overseas at one of USM’s many partner universities for one or two semesters. There is also the option of Study Abroad-basis, meaning students study overseas at a non-partner university of their choice. In most cases, students who participated in the Student Exchange Programme will only pay tuition fees of Home University whereas for the Study Abroad Programme, students must pay tuition fees at Home and Host Universities.

3. Exchange and Study Abroad Programme Flowchart

4. Consultation Hour

Drop by to IMCC for a weekly briefing and consultations session on Wednesday & Thursday from 11.00-1.00pm, and meet our officer Madam Nurfarahain and she will guide you.


Under the Research Attachment Programme, students are able to conduct research projects abroad. Students are required to contact potential supervisors at USM’s partner universities themselves. Kindly discuss your research plans with your USM supervisor and submit research proposal to the host university. IMCC will nominate you once acceptance letter is issued by the host university. Students can experience different research environment at USM’s esteem partner universities for up to 12 months.


Internship gives opportunity for students to experience global working environment at prestigious industry abroad. Students can be attached either in a company or at our partner universities for up to 12 months. GAP YEAR Programme is a one of many initiatives for USM students to search for your interest in the field of studies or to serve for the community.


Two types of short-term / Summer Programme which are:

1. Tailormade Short-term Programme

Tailor made Short-term Programme is a programme designed according to your or School requirements. Normally School representatives will discuss on the components in the Short-term Programme such as academic, culture, trips, etc. Students normally participated in this programme from 1 to 4 weeks in duration.

2. Short Term and Summer Programme Flowchart

3. Fixed Summer Programme

As for the Fixed Summer Programme, USM students participated in a standard/existing programme offered by partner universities. Both tailor made and fixed programme available with credit or non-credit which you can transfer it back to USM.