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Penang, the island of almost 285 square meters is situated on the northwest side of the Peninsular Malaysia, and is also known as the pearl of the orient. It is one of the most touristic locations of Malaysia. Penang is the diverse state since it has become a melting pot for different races and religions where Indian, Malays and Chinese along with other ethnic groups live together. It has an eventful history which can be indicated through the diversity of inhabitants. With majority of population (41%) being Chinese, it given Island a Typical Asian feels that can not be seen in any other part of Malaysia. The beauty of the Penang Island lies in the acceptance and respect for religion and age-old traditions that has maintained the long term and harmonious multiracial community.


When Indians travelled to Penang, they brought their own religion and culture with them and introduced Hinduism and Buddhism to the people of Island. Around the ninth century Muslim traders from India and the Middle East set foot ashore Penang and whatever is left of the Malaysian peninsula. They were also mostly there for the operate to Southeast Asia. Muslim invested most of their time in spreading Islam in the region and that is the reason that Islam spread rapidly in this region as compared to Buddhism, Hinduism.

Penang attracts those who love arts and culture. It has many museums like Penang Museum that is housed in the former fortress constructed by British. And as a multicultural destination a UNESCO world heritage site, it is difficult to define the culture of Penang in one word. From rituals, cuisines and language to dressing the Peranakan Chinese have created fusion of cultures that stands as a true hallmark of Penang’s rich multi- cultural diversity. Ramadan is a major event that occurs during the ninth month of Islamic calendar.


As a food paradise, the island offers an endless variety of mouth-watering dishes and snacks that can satisfy the most exquisite taste buds. Penang is a melting pot of different cultures, reflected in local cuisine that incorporates Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking. they have a saying on the island: “chiak si hock,” which literally means “eating brings in prosperity.” Indeed, Penangites are extremely proud of their cuisine. Street food is the most interesting part of the food culture for people of Penang. There would be different stalls for specific cuisine. It might be a novelty for some, but to Malaysians eating street food is part of their daily life.

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