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What does IMCC do?


IMCC’s role is to cater to the needs and issues of all international students.

When is the preferred time to buy a flight ticket?


Flights are generally the most inexpensive between four months and three weeks before your departure date.

International student - What should I do once I have arrived in Malaysia? What is the process? Are there any COVID restrictions?


The student must get the health screening done, followed by applying for a visa.

Where can I get my student card?


For the Undergraduate Students, you can take your student card at the Chancellery Building while the Postgraduate Student can take their student card at the IPS.

How do I register for my course?


Once you are done with the registration process at IPS/Admissions office, you can create your USM email ID and login to Campus Online and register for courses.

Do I need to book accommodation through IMCC?


IMCC does not handle accommodation services. Please contact Housing and Accommodation (HAC), USM.

Does IMCC provide accommodation to international students?


Please contact HAC for anything related to accommodation. Housing & Accommodation Center


How long does the visa renewal process take?


It takes about 3-4 weeks. Kindly apply for renewal 3 months prior to expiry.

What is the process for visa renewal/ student pass?


Collect all the necessary documents (original and a copy) and submit them to the Visa Office, IMCC

Who can I contact to consult about my visa?


Visa office, IMCC, USM.

Why does the Visa Office not open in the afternoon?


They do the processing of all the documentation in the afternoon.

How do I renew a visa/ student pass? What are the required documents?


Provide a copy of the passport (should be valid for at least 18 months), old visa copy, insurance receipt, overall and confirmation letter, offer letter. Also, the amount to be paid should be in cash

How much do I have to pay for visa renewal? Is there an extra charge or fee?


There is a sticker fee (different for different countries) and the EMGS processing fee.

Is there any penalty for a late visa submission?


You need to apply for a special pass that costs RM 110 prior to applying for the renewal of visa.

I have bought the flight ticket, but my visa status has not changed and is still in process. What should I do?


Kindly do not buy flight tickets until you receive the EMGS approval letter.

I have sent all related documents for my visa, but my visa status remains the same. What should I do?


Please contact EMGS through email or Visa Office, IMCC wherever applicable

How much is the Special Pass sticker?


It costs RM 110.

How can I get health insurance?


USM Health insurance can be bought from the Visa Unit, IMCC.


Types of Mobility Programme?


There are 4 types of mobility programmes, namely, Study Abroad Programme, Research Attachment Programme, Internship & Short-Term Programme.

How to apply for an exchange program?


In order to apply for the exchange program, you have 2 documents to fill up which are application forms: CT-SOP-01 and CT-SOP-02 credit transfer. You have to get both documents approved by the Dean of your school and submit them via email or at the IMCC Office to Madam Nik Nur Izzati.

Where can I find the partner university for the exchange program?


You can find the partner universities listed on the IMCC website under the mobility program. Partner University List

Who can I contact regarding the exchange program?


You can contact Madam Nik Nur Izzati via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by telephone (+604-653-3848) to get a consultation or ask any doubts about an exchange programme.

What is the process for credit transfers?


Must receive an official transcript from the partner university. Some partners will not send the original copy to IMCC, so you have to try emailing the coordinator at the university you are going to. IMCC will contact students who have returned from the exchange program to come and discuss the credit transfer. After discussion, the credit transfer letter will be processed. 

Can PhD students go for an exchange?


Any postgraduate students can apply for an exchange programme.

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