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 Chulalongkorn University Visit to IMCC USM

The SDGs Integrated Project and Young Leaders Exchange Programme 2023 took Chulalongkorn University's delegation to Universiti Sains Malaysia for three days from 15th August to 17th August of exploration, teamwork, and friendship. The first day began with a warm welcome and an insightful workshop led by USM Student Buddies, introducing Malaysia, Penang, Universiti Sains Malaysia, IMCC, and Buddies.

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The second day focused on exploring SDGs and beyond, with Workshops II and IV featuring presentations on SDGs projects. Dr. Anisah Lee Abdullah from the School of Humanities and Dr. Nadhrah A Kadir from the School of Social Sciences shared their insights with all of the participants. Workshop IV brought together participants from both campuses for brainstorming sessions and discussions. After that, all participants get an amazing campus e-bike tour, adding a thrilling twist to learning and visiting USM.

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On the third day, the group gathered at The Bricks to showcase their hard work and ideas, with project presentations addressing the theme of SDGs for creating a sustainable future. Dr. Chee Su Yin and Dr. Nadhrah A Kadir served as judges and oversaw the group presentations. The closing ceremony marked the end of the three-day trip, showcasing the group's commitment to creating a sustainable future. The three-day trip between Chulalongkorn University and Universiti Sains Malaysia was more than just a visit; it was an opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, and ignite transformation.