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On 7th June 2023, USM Student Buddies have organized Coffee Hour Day with the theme "Y2K" at Dataran Merah. The program was held with the collaboration between the USM Student Buddies and IMCC, USM together with the international students. It was held to promote and expose different cultures to students and staff of USM.

In this program, exchange students from different countries were given their own spaces and equipment to be used for exhibition purposes, such as traditional games and traditional food exhibitions. Moreover, Coffee Hour Day is also focused on learning languages from each booth at Coffee Hour Day (China, France, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, India and Jordan), and each country packaged their language learning in their own unique way such as Quiz, Trivia, and many more. During the event, international and local students were provided a platform for cultural performances and fashion show to present unique features from each country. Furthermore, Holi, which is known as a significant Hindu festival was carried out right after the event at Dataran Convex.