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USMi: Unleashing Cultural Identities at USM

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What is USMi?

Welcome to USMi: Unleashing Cultural Identities at USM!

USMi is a vibrant and inclusive community, embracing the diversity of international and Malaysian students at the University. Our mission is to create a space where students from around the world can come together, interact, and unlock their creativity, all while celebrating their unique cultural identities within the USM community.

At USMi, we believe that cultural exchange is key to fostering understanding and building bridges between students from different backgrounds. Through a wide range of events and programs, we provide exciting opportunities for both international and local students to connect, learn, and grow together.

Experience the magic of cultural diversity through our engaging events, such as multicultural festivals, language exchange sessions, and traditional cuisine showcases. Dive into the world of art, music, and dance as we organize performances and workshops that showcase the rich tapestry of global cultures present within our community.

By becoming a part of USMi, you'll have the chance to forge lifelong friendships, discover new perspectives, and develop invaluable intercultural skills. Together, we can build a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces our differences, celebrates our shared humanity, and creates a harmonious environment for everyone at USM.


How USMi Started

USM International (USMi) had its beginnings in 2019 when Dr. Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi, the current Deputy Director of the International Mobility and Collaboration Centre (IMCC), took the initiative to establish the organization. The inception of USMi was part of the broader Global Village initiative, which was initiated by Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail.

The primary objective behind the establishment of USMi was to create a sense of unity among the diverse community of international students studying at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Driven by the vision of promoting intercultural competency, USMi aimed to bring together students from different ethnic backgrounds and raise awareness about the importance of this essential soft skill for their personal growth and survival.

Despite being a relatively young organization, USMi quickly embarked on a wide range of activities and initiatives. One of its main focuses has been organizing cultural, religious, sports, and gaming events. By providing platforms for these diverse activities, USMi sought to foster an inclusive environment where students could celebrate their cultural identities and engage in cross-cultural exchanges.

Moreover, USMi recognized the need to bridge the gap between international students and the university authority. Acting as a voice for the international student community, USMi actively advocated for their rights and concerns. Through effective communication and collaboration, the organization aimed to address any issues faced by international students and ensure their well-being during their time at USM.

In addition to its advocacy efforts, USMi also recognized the importance of holistic student development. Recognizing the intense research responsibilities that accompany PhD and Masters programs, USMi organized various activities and events to provide a platform for students to relieve stress and engage in recreational pursuits. These activities offered a much-needed break from their academic commitments and allowed them to interact with fellow students in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

USMi is comprised of undergraduate and postgraduate students from different corners of the world, as well as local Malaysian students. With a strong commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, the organization has been instrumental in creating a sense of community and belonging among all USMites.

Since its inception, USMi has made significant strides in promoting intercultural understanding, facilitating student engagement, and enhancing the overall student experience at USM. Through its diverse range of activities and initiatives, the organization continues to play a vital role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive international community within the university.

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