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Welcoming Notes from the Presidents

We welcome you all to USM international students organisation. Moving away from your comfort zones, your homes, and your homies is never easy. Through our organisation we hope to build a home away from home for everyone. As our very friendly and humble president from Engineering Campus always says, "We discover harmony in our differences and strength in our flaws. Join our welcoming community where everyone may find a place to belong." - Muhammed Shahan Poomadath. Exactly! "...a place to belong." That is what everyone wants, especially when moving to a new foreign place.

Luckily in our different experiences, we can assure you that Malaysia is one of the most habitable, affordable, and comfortable places for students coming from different races of life. That being said, it is worth mentioning, Malaysians are truly the most generous and kind hearted people we have come across so far in our lives.

To be part of an international community and serve our fellow internationals has always been a great honour for us. But to accomplish these goals, we need an army of selfless hard workers who are the backbone of our community. As our very enthusiastic and resilient president from Main Campus says, "I always believe that 'actions speak louder than words'. Join us and make your actions speak on your behalf." - Abdullah Bameyeir. This is exactly the kind of team we have onboard. They help us do our best for the international community and we are highly grateful for having them as a family, and as our team.

We find strength, kindness, the best of friends, kinship, joy, and love in each other. We believe that change can come from one person. But one person alone can not lead an entire community. Lastly, our very fun loving and bold president from Health Campus says, "To bring change we must lead together because it is not just about me, it's about YOU, US & ME."-Dr. Manahil Maqbool. That's right people. It's about all of us!

Jump in and enjoy the wonderful experience of diversity with USMi. We look forward to having a memorable and mesmerising journey with YOU.

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