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“USMi is a growing community with tons of opportunities to expand your horizon!”

Your world shouldn’t only have to be limited to learning and meeting people from your country alone. Instead, it’s only through integrating with other people from a myriad of cultures that you learn to better improve yourself and everyone around you. Consequently, this would also lead to greater understanding between nations, and eventually, everlasting peace.

And we’re here to help with that! USMi is a community of people within Universiti Sains Malaysia, consisting of international students from all over the globe, and our goal is to integrate both local and international students into one, integrated community; a nation of nations and a people of peoples. Join us today by signing up!

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Interested to be part of us? Click here to register and dive into the diversity

An initiative to assist international students in their transition into USM. Click here to know more about KAWAN

A complete kit for you to enjoy Penang to the fullest while you’re here

usmi news board

survey: International student satisfaction survey

This USM international student satisfaction survey is to assess how satisfied our students are with different aspects of your life in USM. Help us to increase our performance by answer this survey!

usmi engineering campus exco registration form

Kindly fill in this form if you are interested to volunteer as a member of the Executive Committee of the USMi Engineering Campus Unit.

blog: oasis buddies jamboree 2019

Universiti Malaya- The Oasis Buddies Jamboree 2019 offers a platform for students from over 19 Public Universities of Malaysia to Universiti Malaya (UM) to establish friendships and learn……


KAWAN is a volunteer inititative set up to facilitate and assist post-graduate international students in the process of applying for as well as pursuing their academic pursuits in USM….



usmi got talent (ugt)

Explore this page to discover usmites talents & let out your embedded talents by click on the form provided.




usmi literary circle

Literary Circle is a society under USMi which will provide ample opportunities  to the struggling writers and actors to give out flow to their pent-up emotions.




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