FAQ During MCO

General FAQ

Is it possible for International students to travel to other places during the MCO?

No. All international students are not advised to travel during the MCO. It is recommended that you should take self quarantine and social distancing seriously. You should not attend any forms of social or religious gathering. If you have to go outside, you have to limit time and take good care of yourself.

Are the cafeterias and stores in USM still open?

Yes, all cafeterias and stores will open for operations for takeaway throughout the period.

I am an international student and I want to return home. What should I do?

Any international student who wish and decide to leave the country may do so, provided that there is a flight available for you to go home. At the time of writing, we have been informed that international travels for international students will be allowed depending on flight availability. YOU MUST OBTAIN APPROVAL FROM YOUR COUNTRY’S EMBASSY IN MALAYSIA first, and then please request for clearance by contacting the NERVE Centre known as Covid-19 Operations Centre located at every campus. You may get in touch with any USMi Exco (Full-time international students) or Student Buddies (exchange mobility students) to get more information.

If you have obtained a letter signed by or on behalf of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Development Affairs and Alumni) from USM requested by hardcopy or softcopy at NERVE Centre, that would be considered as the clearance letter to be used when you travel to the airport or by land to other airports as transit for your flight (e.g. KLIA).

If you travel out from USM from now onwards, you will not be allowed to return until further notice, depending on the current situation and developments in Malaysia as mentioned above. Please be informed that after the MCO is lifted, any students returning from abroad may be required to undergo a 14-days quarantine at USM. However, students are HIGHLY ADVISED to remain in Malaysia throughout the MCO duration. This is meant to avoid further risk of the outbreak.

What happens to my exchange programme (for exchange students) if I decide to return home?

We have been receiving inquiries and feedback from exchange students through emails and social media with regards to having a continuous learning process via online methods. Let me assure you that USM is doing its best to provide alternative learning approaches without compromising the quality of delivery. As the Malaysian Government has extended the Movement Control Order (MCO) period until 4 March 2021. USM has come to the final decision where the online learning will commence on 5th April (Health Campus) and 6th April (for all other campuses).

Kindly be informed that for this semester, the university is implementing a flexible academic semester. Where online teaching assessment and exams are under the discretion of the Schools/Lecturers. Our suggestion is for the Exchange Student to contact the lecturers that they are taking subjects from. Get the new teaching schedule, assessment and exams plan and then decide whether the students want to continue with their studies remotely. Consequently, students who find that the online method is not suitable for them can also choose to withdraw their studies and get credits for their studies at their own Home University.

Will my study be affected due to the MCO?

It will be affected on some levels. As the university has decided on online learning. International Students need to be prepared in terms of internet connectivity in order to have a seamless learning experience. As we have different levels of studies here in USM with multiple programmes, our best advice is again, for the students to be in touch with their respective supervisors for postgraduates or teaching lectures for undergraduates to get more information on teaching and assessment plans. Especially for students that have returned to their Home Country, please be aware of the time differences and also the possibilities that some students are required to return to USM starting from June 2020.

For more information on Academic Matters or details on which students that may be required to return to USM can be found from USM latest announcement

FAQ During MCO

Student Visa and Pass FAQ
1.During the Movement Control Order (MCO), EMGS & The Immigration Department will not be accepting any applications or passport submission for (new, renewal, dependent, special pass) for student and staff (Expatriates) until 12th May 2020.

a. What should I do if I am a new student or my student pass expires between 22January until 4th March 2021?

EMGS will continue suspending all applications that are currently pending at EMGS until 4th March 2021. EMGS will facilitate the processing of the student application beginning 12th May 2020. Students are encouraged to submit their required Post eVAL document to USM Visa Office on 12th May 2020 for the initial processing of their applications.

b. What is my status if my Student Pass expired before 22January until 4th March 2021 OR within the MCO?

You are considered overstay if your student pass has expired one (1) or two (2) days before the MCO. Fortunately, if your student pass expired during the period of MCO, NO penalty or charges to those overstay from 22 January 2021 to 4th March 2021.

c. Will I be able to apply Special Pass during the MCO?

No. The Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) is also closed during this period. All services will only resume after 4th March 2021.

d. I have a new passport (because my old passport has expired/old passport lost). Can I apply for a sticker transfer to my new passport?

You can apply for a sticker transfer after 4th March 2021 when Visa Office resume the operational as usual.

e. I would like to defer my study for the current semester and my Student Pass is valid until September 2020. Since EMGS and JIM are closed during the MCO period, do I need to shortened/cancel my Student Pass?

If you have already received the Student Deferment Status and traveled to your home country during the MCO period, you will need to send a scanned copy of your passport with the stamp out page and the data page to our office as soon as possible for our office to cancel the Student Pass as soon as the MCO period is over. USM Visa Office will notify you when your Student Pass has been cancelled and you will need to apply a new VAL before returning to USM.

f. I already have obtained a SEV in my country for this February intake. Due to Covid19 I was not able to register for the February intake. What should I do to continue my study?

You may obtain another SEV at the Malaysian Embassy in your country as long as you have not entered Malaysia. Regarding deferment of your academic programme, please liaise with the USM Admission Unit for Undergraduate Student, Institute of Postgraduate Studies(IPS) for Postgraduate Student and International Mobility and Collaboration Centre (IMCC) for Mobility Student. If your eVAL expiry within the MCO period and unable to collect your SEV from our Malaysian Embassy at your home country, you can request to extend your eVAL through USM Visa Office (The duration of extension is subject to Immigration Approval).

g. What Can I do if my Student Pass, Dependent Pass, Special Pass, Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Visit Pass etc. expiries during the MCO?

Any foreigner with Student Pass, Dependent Pass, Special Pass, Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Visit Pass, among others who want to return to their respective countries without renewing their passes are allowed to do so without obtaining or issuance of the Special Pass from Immigration Department. HOWEVER, those who want to renew their passes can do so WITHIN 14 days after the MCO is lifted.

h. I am an international student and I want to return. What should I do?

All international students should not travel back to home countries at the moment due to the situation. If the students travel out of the country during this period, they may not have the opportunity to come back within the period of MCO and until further notice. Please refer to GENERAL FAQ under section 2.

In view of current situation, all foreigners in Malaysia whose passes has expired DURING THE MCO PERIOD ONLY, may leave Malaysia without any special pass provided they process a VALID passport at Immigration Counter. Kindly be advise the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Immigration Screening would still take place as usual during departures at the airports.

2. I have already obtained the SEV in my country for this February intake. Due to Covid19 I was not able to register for the February intake. What should I do if I want to defer my study?

You need to apply for a deferment of your academic programme from USM Academic Division (Admission Unit) or The Institute of Postgraduate Studies. You may have to apply for a new eVAL once your application for deferment has been approved by USM to register for the next Semester 1 Academic Session 2020/2021

3. I am a new student for the February 2019/2020 intake. However, before I can complete my registration process and student pass sticker endorsement, I have to return to my country. What do I need to do to resume my academic programme and my student pass processing for the next Semester in September 2020/2021?

You need to apply for a deferment of your academic programme from USM Academic Division (Admission Unit) for undergraduates or The Institute of Postgraduate Studies for postgraduates. Before you leave Malaysia, you will need to apply for Clearance Process with the Immigration and USM will facilitate this for you. Once you are in your home country, please provide us with the exit stamp and your data page of your passport for us to update your record in the EMGS system. You will also need to apply a new eVAL in your country once your application for deferment has been approved by USM.

4. How can I renew/extend my student pass/ family pass & Expatriates pass?

During this period, we highly advise the students to do the submission of the documents for Renewal, Dependent Pass application & Documents for a New student pass endorsement via email to our Visa Staff. (Kindly refer to the Student Pass Guideline to get their contact details) from our IMCC website : https://imcc.usm.my/v2/visa/

Student Pass

New student Pass/ Renewal : Mr. Muhamad Sidek Karim (msidek@usm.my)

New Student Pass/ Mobility : Mr. Nadzrull Hi-Fi Syam Ahmad Jamil (nadzrull@usm.my)

Family Pass/Dependent pass :Ms. Suriati Mukhtar (msuriati@usm.my)

Expatriates Pass

Employment Pass & Dependent/PVP/Post Doc : Mr Muhamad Afif Aizat Shamsul Bahrin (aizatafif@usm.my)

5. Can I submit my passport when my EMGS application has reached 90%?

Those with students pass that will expire after 12th May 2020 may proceed with the renewal after the visa office at IMCC resumed. If there is not enough time we will apply for a special pass. Only those with PASS EXPIRING BETWEEN 18th March – 12th May 2020 can submit the passport with Mr. Shamim – WhatsApp Only: +60 11-3108 9852 (to set an appointment for passport collection, submission & payment only)

6. How can I collect my passport during the MCO?

Students who have completed their student pass sticker endorsement from Immigration Department and want to collect the passport during the MCO period, may contact:

USM Visa Staff Mr. Shamim via (WhatsApp Only: +60 11-3108 9852) to set an appointment for passport collection. ( Monday –Friday : 8.30pm -5.30pm)

7. I am an international student from Health Campus, who should I contact for any inquiry about my student pass/family pass?

During this period, we highly advise the students to do the submission of the documents for renewal & documents for a new student pass endorsement via email. Those with students pass that will expire after 14th April 2020 may proceed with the renewal after the visa office resumed. If there is not enough time we will apply for a special pass.

Any inquiry pertaining to visa matters, kindly contact our Visa Staff at USM Health Campus:

a. Mrs. Nuur Hariyaty Mohamad Rasidi; nuurhariyaty@usm.my

b. Mr. Sulbahri Zakaria; sulbahri@usm.my

8. Will it cause any problems, if my student pass will be expiring between this MCO period (18th March – 12th May 2020)?

USM students with pass expiring between 18th March -12th May 2020 might be considered by the immigration department to be issued with a SPECIAL PASS after 12th May,2020 without penalty of overstaying.

9. What should I do if I have an urgent inquiry about my visa?

Any URGENT inquiry pertaining to your visa matters: Please contact +604-6532777 (WhatsApp Only) or Email : fadzilla@usm.my (Mrs Fadzilla Bosman) from 8.30am -5.30pm (Monday – Friday)