Past Students' Experiences

From my experience USM was taking a good care of me and my friends during our exchange student life. I had a lot of opportunities to learn many new thing that I never learn before. I learnt to study Malay language and how to cook Malay foods. The great memories that I will never forget was spending a short time in home stay. Furthermore I had an opportunity to know many new friends from various countries. USM is such a good place for sharing your experience ,exchange culture, find new friends and practice English. USM gave me a lot of good experience, knowledge, friendship and memories. Every picture of smiles, every time of happiness., every event and activity I had joined, and every good things during my exchange student life in USM, I will never forgot and it still on my mine. I’m really glad that I was studying as an exchange student in USM.

Ping Ping


My time at the USM is something that I don’t want to miss anymore! During my stay in Penang I met a lot of amazing people, enjoyed studying with many different people, tried so much new & awesome food, and took the advantage of traveling to multiple places around South East Asia. USM was taking good care of me, especially the International Office, it’s staff and the buddy students made this a great experience. would definitely recommend USM, because it is helping to practice English and gives the opportunity to interact with a great variety of different people in a very comfortable way

Niklas Schubert


The experience in Malaysia was memorable. Thanks to CONTINUEOUS support from local students (class mates and buddies), officers and exchange students, my study abroad was fruitful.. Because of International Office, I could join a lot of activities and events. For example, some of Malaysian cultural festival, camping, cooking local food, international cultural festival, singing competition held by government and coffee hour (volunteer of teaching each of our own country’S language). These kind of events were worth to join, because sometimes I could know whole new world different from our own country. As an exchange student, first time I had a lot of difficulties in foreign country. However, Malaysian supports as long as we try to do our best regardless whether the result is success or not. Thanks to these optimistic culture, I could enjoy Malaysian life.

Taniguchi Mami


The semester that I studied in USM was one of the best in my life. With great friends from various countries, I was able to receive a broad variety of experiences. The events planned by the International Office and the Student Buddies such as the Culture Fiesta and Traditional Homestay Programmes are highly recommended. USM not only has an excellent teaching staff but also an evocative campus that resembles a garden. Because of the convenient location of USM, I was able to travel to many exotic places in and out of Malaysia. I am sure that you will have an awesome time at USM.

Ho Min An

South korea

Exchange in USM is definitely incredible. I had chances to study Bahasa Malaysia as well as immersing deep into the Malaysian culture. I got various unforgettable experiences by wearing traditional Malaysian clothing (kebaya), performing Malay songs on stage and promote Hong Kong culture in International Cultural Fiesta. Therefore, exchanging in USM is absolutely fruitful and wonderful!


Hong kong