Penang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. It has unique characteristics that capture the essence of the true Asia. Moreover, Penang International Airport is the gateway to many countries in Asia especially in the ASEAN region. Try Penang trishaw and discover Georgetown!


New York can claim the title of the City Never Sleep and USM can claim the title of the Campus that Never Sleep too. The campus is so lively with many students and university's activities from Kung Fu Night to International Week. You can join these activities and get to know more local friends!


People said they won’t impressed with technology until they can download food. But here in Penang you will need to diet on seafood, because whenever you “see food” you have to eat it. Penang offers delighting local food that will suit your tounge from the very spicy Nasi Kandar to the most juicy tender of steak in The Ship.


Turn your fear into excitement. Anything that gets your blood raising is probably worth doing. Just because Penang offers many exciting leisure activities for you to kill your spare times. You can enjoy bowling, watching movies, adventure courses at Escape or try some water activities like Banana Boat, jet ski, and parasailing at Feringghi Beach. Don't forget to bring a pair of cool sunglasses and SPF 50 sunblock!