20 November 2019 – The International Cultural Fiesta 2018 (ICF 2019) Gala Night, organised recently by the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) International Mobility and Collaboration Centre (IMCC), was a fun-filled and exhilarating event, attended by close to 3,000 students and guests. The Gala Night, with the theme ‘Journey Through the Cave of Wonders’ featured two categories of competition. The first one is Cultural Performances by students from various countries including Algeria, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Finland, Morocco and Malaysia. Besides, a singing competition was also held for international students to sing songs in the Malay language. One of the main purpose of this competition is to find talents among USM International students that can sing in Malay language and also to introduce the beauty of Malay language and its songs to other International students. A captivating performance by a student from Vietnam, Mohamach Rouslan who rendered a song originally sung by Sufian Suhaimi titled ‘Di Matamu’ won the first place. Other notable mentioned are performers from Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Apart from Gala Night, during the day, a cultural exhibition was also held by more than 15 countries involved so that visitors could get a closer look at the culture and traditions of students from the respective countries. The Cultural booth was visited by more than 1400 visitors just within 7 hours. The Best Cultural Booth prize was presented to a shared booth of students from Uganda and Kenya.

ICF 2019 is a cultural event which involve 171 exchange students, 91 full time international students, 50 USM student BUDDIES as the organising committee as well as staff members of IMCC. This event aims to bridge the gap between international students and locals.